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Have you had your NDIS funding cut? You’re not alone.

Minister Reynolds is denying that she and the Federal Government are cutting the NDIS.

But the fact is, we’re hearing story after story that paints a completely different picture.

Stories about people having their plans inexplicably slashed, and losing the support they need.

It’s time Minister Linda Reynolds listened to these stories. As the Minister for the NDIS, she is responsible for ensuring the NDIS is delivering on its promise – and she is the one ultimately responsible for cutting the plans of people with disability.

She needs to understand the impact her “cuts by stealth” are having on people with disability – and together, we can make that happen.

If you or you’ve had your NDIS funding cut, send Minister Reynolds an email now and tell her how these cuts affect you.

Let’s ensure she can’t ignore the real-life impact of her actions.

If you’re nervous to send an email to the minister, but you still want to tell us about your cuts, you can do that here.

Email the Minister for the NDIS

We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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