News | 5 December 2016

Your buying rights under the NDIS

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Consumer rights

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released the new guide and resources to support people with disability in navigating their rights when buying goods and services under the NDIS.

That could be anything from wheelchairs and hearing aids, to mobile phone plans and cleaning services.

ACCC Deputy Chair, Delia Rickard, said the NDIS would give people with disability more buying power than ever before, which makes it that much more important for businesses to comply with the Competition and Consumer Act, and the Australian Consumer Law.

“During the NDIS roll out we expect to see a range of new entrants in the market which is good for competition but we are concerned about the potential for unscrupulous traders to take advantage of vulnerable consumers,” Ms Rickard said.

“With such a big change in this sector it is important for people with disability to understand their rights and for businesses to treat consumers fairly and in accordance with the law.”

The new resources include videos, facts sheets, industry guides and an Easy English consumer guide, outlining the rights of consumers and the responsibilities of businesses in the disability sector.

“These materials give consumers with disability useful information about their rights under the Australian Consumer Law and are specifically designed to help consumers when buying goods and services under the NDIS,” Ms Rickard said.

The resources have been developed in consultation with disability support organisations, disability advocates and disability complaint bodies.

You can download the resources free online at or pick up a hard copy from local state and territory consumer protection agencies.

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