The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a ground-breaking change to the way disability services are funded and delivered. It is a social reform on the scale of the introduction of Medicare and compulsory superannuation – two safety nets now taken for granted by every Australian.

The targeted individual support and early intervention approach of the NDIS means people with disability will be able to participate and learn more at school, go to TAFE and university and get jobs that use their skills and enable them to contribute productively to the nation.

They won’t need to live on the disability support pension or beg charities to help pay for essential disability equipment.  And they won’t need to rely on a lifetime of unpaid support by families.

Enabling more people with disabilities to enter paid employment will have a positive flow-on effect, as more family carers are then able to re-enter the workforce.

Disability won’t happen to everyone but it could happen to anyone, anytime. All Australians deserve the peace of mind that would come with knowing that support will be there if they need it. And we all benefit from a more inclusive, more diverse community.