News | 1 November 2018

University of Queensland students join the fight to make the NDIS work

The fight to get the NDIS back on track is spreading far and wide – and last week it hit the campus of the University of Queensland.

We were really excited when a group of occupational therapy students at UQ got in touch with us recently to ask what they could do to help get the word out about the need to get the NDIS working better for people with disability and their families.

With just a little bit of help from EAC, the students distributed flyers and encouraged their peers to learn more about the NDIS, the problems some of us are experiencing with the scheme, and how our community thinks it should be fixed.


University of Queensland student Bridget Curran is set to become an Occupational Therapist next year. We had a quick chat with her to find out why she is passionate about the NDIS and what she thinks needs to be done to make sure it works for all of us.


Every Australian Counts: Hi Bridget, thank you for organising such a fantastic event today! Tell us why making sure the NDIS works for people with disability across Australia is important to you.

Bridget: Thanks guys, it’s been a really fun day! I care about the NDIS because as a future occupational therapist, I’m going to be working with NDIS participants all the time. I want to be sure that I’ll be able to provide them with the support they need to lead the lives they want.


Every Australian Counts: Definitely, is that why you decided to put on this event to raise awareness about the NDIS and our Make It Work campaign?

Bridget: It is. Everyone helping out here today is studying occupational therapy because they want to help people get out, do the things they want to do, engage in life and get out in the community. We believe these ideas are at the core of the NDIS, and so we want to make sure it happens.


Every Australian Counts: What do you think some of the biggest problems facing the NDIS are?

Bridget: The NDIS is doing great things for a lot of people, but as you guys know it is clear that it’s not working well for everyone. Wait times are long, processes are confusing, and people aren’t getting what they need from the scheme when they need it. .


Every Australian Counts: Right, and how do you think we fix these problems?

Bridget: The first step is for politicians to listen directly to the people who are affected the most – people with disabilities, and their families. These are the people who know what’s missing and have the best solutions to the problems. .


Every Australian Counts: We’re glad to have you so on board with the campaign! What did the students you spoke to today think about what’s happening with the NDIS?

Bridget: They were really concerned about people falling through the cracks, but also keen to get involved with making a change. Over 80 people signed up to become part of the Make It Work campaign today, and all of us are excited to get involved with the next steps.


Every Australian Counts: Thanks Bridget, that’s great to hear! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Bridget: Just one last thing! Our politicians need to realise that the people facing problems with the NDIS are real people with real lives. We know that people with disability are relying on the NDIS to work in the way it was promised and we’re proud to be part of the fight to make that happen.

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