Sarah’s tip the balance story

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When participants pre-plan before their planning meeting all the information that is provided should be read before the planning meeting to make sure that the person who the participants is seeing whether it is the NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator has understood the information and to make sure that everything that has been sent is funded people should not have to be applying for reviews and have to send all the money back to the NDIA because the NDIS will not fund what people have asked for. The person developing the plan should respond by saying to the person “yes I will add that to your plan and the NDIS will fund that not a problem”. Instead of saying to the participant the NDIS will not fund education. Participants are the experts and know what they want. NDIA planners and Local area Coordinators need to listen to what people with disabilities/NDIS participants say. Participants are not heard, valued, accepted and the NDIA do not know how to work together with other departments like education and training, industry etc. The NDIA do not ring within a reasonable time and do not say when they will contact you. The Local Area Coordinators and NDIA planners do not paraphrase and clarify the information that participants have provided to make sure that all the information that the participant has mentioned is correct and there is nothing that has been forgotten. Participants are not given a choice of planners to choose from as to who they would like to have develop their NDIS plans. Participants already don’t get to choose what they use their NDIS funding for at least give participants a choice of NDIA planners to choose from so participants can decide who they feel is most competent and comfortable with developing their NDIS plans. Participants goals are not being complied with and each time participants develop their goals the funding they are given is unable to be used to fulfill those goals.