Ronald’s tip the balance story

Tipping the balance logo showing a smiley emoji and a sad emoji on scales with the NDIS logo underneath

I am above knee amputee who had bowel cancer at the age of 19 also have got chrons and a ilostemy bag. The ndis has been great to me I can not walk very far and they have supplied me with state of art electrical wheelchair that is absolutely made my life a lot easier as well as many other things. I do need a new prosthetic leg which hopefully will happen soon.

I run a small business with my adoring wife, to get a micro processed knee will make it a lot easier as with the manual knee I got I can’t kneel and if I step the wrong way I fall real quick and I do believe the ndis will help with this.

I have fallen a few times, broke my ribs, put my shoulder out as well as many other injuries with the help of my o/t and Deb Byron from mission Australia who is the best at her job this will happen and I would like to thank ndis system for there support thank you very much Ronald.