Rebecca’s tip the balance story

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For the last 3 years I have been fighting for NDIS funding for my sons prosthetic eye. It does not meet their reasonable and necessary criteria. NDIS Act 2013 Section 34. Apparently a prosthetic eye DOES NOT help my son to function as it doesn’t give him vision.

It does provide proper facial function, as it prevents the eye socket closing in on itself and stops the eyelid drooping and allows eyelid to function properly. It prevents infection to eye socket and increases his self esteem and confidence. It is part of his multiple disabilities and allows him to look and feel normal. He’s had a prosthetic eye since 6 days old. It is not funded by another service system ie Medicare.

The NDIA says that a prosthetic eye under their criteria doesn’t assist my son pursue goals or aspirations, doesn’t facilitate My sons social and economic participation, isn’t value for money, is not effective and beneficial for my son.

I Disagree with this . My sons eye helps him to look and feel normal without his disability on display. He has the confidence to socialise and be involved with his peers and his community.In my experience with the NDIA / NDIS they are uneducated and have no understanding in regards to prosthetic eyes . They are not improving lives or supporting people Or showing any compassion .

Prosthetic eyes are absolutely REASONABLE and NECESSARY and to say otherwise is ludicrous. The bottom line is they are only concerned about money. !!!!!!!