Miriam’s tip the balance story

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As my partner has a chronic condition which meant that I used to wonder if I could access emergency respite & justify why I needed it, getting NDIA funds means no matter how unwell my partner is I have complete peace of mind and so does my partner as I now can get Support Workers when ever I need which is so freeing and a relief.
I can now have my own time with support, and not always rely totally on my partner. I feel like I can now have my own life and have separateness as a couple which we all need. I can now use my voice to access my blinds, music, tv and lamp, thanks to my NDIA funding! I have much more independence! The NDIA has changed my life for the better in so many ways!
I choose my own staff and receive support when it suits me not the organisation.
What is frustrating is having to wait so long for any assistive technology. I or others should not have to wait more than 4 weeks for an approval. Not wait 6, 12 or more months.
Also find the whole TTP that the NDIA said to services they would be able to charge participants the higher TTP rate, as we would, us participants receive an increase in our NDIA funds and many participants haven’t received an increase to cover the TTP increase which is totally unethical of the NDIA to do this to participants and service providers.
Participants should know that this TTP is not the service providers charging what they shouldn’t be, but the NDIA doing the wrong thing.