Melissa’s tip the balance story

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When the NDIS first rolled out over 3 years ago in our area, my son (now 11) was non-verbal, had little to no understanding of how to manage his personal care. He was having multiple meltdowns a day, punching himself. It was difficult to take him shopping, or even to school – getting himself out of the car seat belt and roaming the car while I drove.

NDIS has changed his life. With consistent in-put and therapy he has come such a long way.

He is fortunate to be well funded, and have a fantastic group of therapists and workers helping him to achieve his goals.

That said, it has been a hard and rocky road to get to where we are. How to you explain to someone who doesn’t live the life what or why your child needs what he needs? How can you prove BEFORE the success, that this is the best path to go down to get success.

My boy is now a major contributor to his daily self care, with assistance is washing and brushing his teeth. He helps choose his clothes, helps pack his lunch, has charts to help him know what day it is and what to expect for the day. He has charts to mark down what is required to get ready for the day. He has social stories to help him understand what happens in the community – he can now go to the supermarket and choose things for himself.

He loves accessing the community. He has his favourite places to go and will ever direct the driver on how to get there. He can now sit and with alot of re-direction, timers and a couple of breaks, can watch a movie at the Cinema.

We have given him consistency, options and control.

What I think is the most important thing for the NDIS to change is to realise that a little help doesn’t go a long way a lot of the time.

Without consistent, regular and qualified therapists and workers, changes aren’t going to happen. My son needs time to re-set to new situations.

My son would not have accomplished so much in these 3 years without the NDIS Funding of this I am positive.