Mary’s tip the balance story

30 years ago I broke my back in a horse riding accident. I had no insurance, and a young family. Fortunately our house was wheelchair accessible but my property wasn’t!

The wheelchair provided by the hospital upon discharge was a heavy manual chair. For many years I struggled around the property looking after my horse and garden (yes I rode again of course) and eventually wore out my shoulders.

Last year NDIS bought me a 4WD wheelchair. This has revolutionised my life truly. When my cows are in labour I can check on them no matter where they hide from me and I can look after their newborn calves.

This year I had to nurse two calves on and off and being able to go out into the paddock and catch them independently has been brilliant. It probably saved the lives of those calves.

My chair has a seat raising function which has proved amazing for giving injections! A hidden bonus.

I’d like to thank NDIS for changing my life for the better. I can afford house cleaners, help around the property and am able to have equipment that makes my life almost normal.