Julian’s tip the balance story

Julian standing behind the counter with a drinks fridge behind him. He is wearing a black teeshirt and an apron

My name is Julian. I am 19 years old. I have just finished school. When I grow up I want a job during the week like Mum and Dad. I want a job so I can get my own money and put in the bank. I need to save my money so I can buy a house or a car. I need a house and a car because I want to get married to my girlfriend.

I work at the Nunawading stadium canteen every Saturday. Someone helps me learn all the different jobs. The person that helps me learn is Tess. I have learnt to fry hot chips, dim sims, potato cakes and chicken chips. I also like making coffee. Another job is to put the lollies in the bags. I am very good at this and never eat any of the frogs! Anna has also been helping me learn about money. I have also been learning how to catch the train by myself. That’s how I use my NDIS money.

I am very proud.