Jessie’s tip the balance story

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Amputee, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (spectrum)
What’s working…
Great having mobility, electric chair, manual chair 5/10
Taxi funding although I spend more
Carer support funding
Assistive Technology funding
Good Plan Manager

What’s not
Inexperienced planners – no-one I have seen has any reasonable disability experience.
APM awful…. no communication, no action, only interested in the dollars.
5 LAC’s within a year…. no continuity. APM fired most of them and they were great but probably cared too much.
Request for plan reviews because of change of circumstances, no action, wrote to MP, lots of talking, then nothing.
Portal inaccurate and confusing. Looking at my budget is not what my Plan Manager sees. Have to ring him a lot to get the real figures. I want to know what my budget is, what I have spent, and what is left. Allocated means nothing to me without knowing who and what has been allocated.
Suppliers/Providers ripping off participants including myself because I am NDIS registered. eg $85.00 for armrest covers to protect skin. $85.00 for delivery???????
I bought seat belt covers and reworked them.
Lack of communication/experience seems to be the worst item. Numerous phone calls to LAC… took 2 weeks to get a reply. That is normal.
A lot of anxiety now as my plan is due, I have to get quotes, do the research and have everything done in time. Do I have the right information, the right wording, taxi printouts to confirm usage, what are they going to ask me, how much do they know about my condition and needs? My previous plans were not great and extremely hard to fix. Not looking forward to dealing with NDIS or LAC.