Jenny’s tip the balance story

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Ndis good bad and ugly good getting g funding to access community not good unable to resource competent caring qualified reliable consistent disability support workers.

And the ugly – running a support group for families trying to access ndis, and families advising they did not meet eligibility criteria, even though the participant attended school of autism and or special school and or special developmental school and being non-verbal ASD sensory adaption issues and cognitive delays. Also families then not being allocated programme support coordinators and therefore not knowing what to do next.

One outcome one family considering relinquishing due to immense barriers.

I could say more but will end with do something regarding the current incompetent and ignorant lacs who have the power to totally decimate families forever.

What needs to be done to fix it:

A register of all students attending schools with disabilities automatic inclusion of programme support coordinators to assist and advise employ lacs who have direct experience within the disability sector.

Media exposure on TV with real people from ndis advising what is available.

Positive proactive dialogue not allocating lacs as default.

Psc encouraging participants to bring support network to planning sessions and not denying access to family members.