Jane’s tip the balance story

Tipping the balance logo showing a smiley emoji and a sad emoji on scales with the NDIS logo underneath

My story with NDIS is a good one. I feel very fortunate that many aspects of becoming a new participant in 2018 fell into place so neatly. I understand this is not the case for many, and I am disappointed that the process is so complicated and depends upon a range of important factors that new participants may not know about. For example – it is essential to prepare well for the application, the first LAC meeting and to prepare a plan. I was lucky with these particular stages of being approved and becoming a participant in the Scheme.

Since then the experience has been life-changing – I now have the support I need to achieve my main goal of living independently and safely at home. My other goal is to connect better with community and sustain my art practice.

All of this has happened, I have great support workers to help me at home, access community and recreation and assist with my art practice. I have consequently been busy and had two visual art exhibitions in 2019, as well as delivering a symposium presentation.

As well as the above support, I have also needed equipment and a significant modification to my bathroom. The equipment took a very long time to be approved and this delay caused problems. However, now that it has finally been supplied, it is wonderful and what a positive difference in my capacity to manage at home and go out into the community. I still have many difficulties due to my high-level physical disability, but the NDIS support makes it possible for me to do so much more than I could before.

I am grateful for this wonderful program and everyday feel more able to participate in life and what it has to offer.
Many thanks for this opportunity to tell my story.