Graeme’s tip the balance story

We have a daughter with a disability (aged 36) who received her NDIS Plan in March this year (due to the region we live in). She had received Block Funding from the Queensland Government and the funds never covered all her care so we had to pay Patient Co-Payments for the last 17.5 years.

With NDIS Plan Funds we were able to have some time for our daughter in supported Accommodation in September. This was the first supported accommodation since 2003. Other times our other children looked after her. Now they have their lives to live. My wife and I are her full time carers at home also.

Also, The extra support she is now receiving, such as Hydrotherapy, Carer support at home to assist her with her creativity and also community access. The carer transports her to Hydrotherapy, her respite centre and travel home. She participates in two drama groups at her respite centre. These a very professional inclusive Drama Groups under the Blue Roo Theatre Company They perform in the community during the year. One group goes on tour each year. This year they travelled to Cairns and Cooktown and performed in Indigenous Communities and share what impacts Drama can have on Special Needs People.

I have managed her finances all her life. I self manage her Plan funds. Also as I saw the need for people with a disability to manage their Plan Funds, I also set up a Plan Manage business, so I can assist Participants.

We are so pleased with the NDIS and recommend it to all.

I say thanks to the NDIS Call staff when I contact them. They always saw thanks for the positive message about NDIS.