Diana’s tip the balance story

Tipping the balance logo showing a smiley emoji and a sad emoji on scales with the NDIS logo underneath

NDIS has given me far more funding covering far more of my son’s expenses than I have ever had. I manage him so have complete control over choice of carers which works for us. I have far less office work than with the previous system and my funds are reimbursed within a day or two of submitting the request. I spent many worried hours before going onto NDIS trying to nut out and learn the system, asked many questions – most of which could not be answered by those explaining the system to us! The transition was a lot of work but as soon as my son was on your books (apart from one IT glitch at your end!) I have found the Portal very easy and the whole system a dream, the people on the Help Line are quick to answer any questions and iron out shades of grey re direction of funding. Thank you.