Benjamin’s tip the balance story

Tipping the balance logo showing a smiley emoji and a sad emoji on scales with the NDIS logo underneath

I have multiple disabilities- including an ‘undiagnosed’ degenerative condition. I have gradually lost the ability to walk and talk. I have continued to receive many necessary supports since transitioning to the NDIS, including wheelchair, therapies,
supports to connect with my family, friends and community – as well as the around the clock care I need at home to be safe and happy. I’m very grateful for all this but my family, My physiotherapist and I am perplexed why the NDIS declined my request for a standing frame. I have used one since I stopped walking at around 15 years old – it brings me up to the height of my peers and carers, allows me to weight bare and helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles I use to assist with moving during my transfers and personal care. It is very confusing because my 3 x other house mates have each been granted a standing frame they needed. The Same physio writing the report – all with similar needs, justifications and recommendations.
The NDIS is awesome in so many ways – but ….. it appears to fall short of its’ aims when a delegates’ interpretation of the NDIS guidelines and of what constitutes Reasonable & Necessary, can differ so greatly from one delegate to another.
Thank you for listening.