News | 31 May 2017

Tell us why you need the NDIS fully funded, every day

There is a heap of argy bargy going on in Canberra right now over how to fully fund the NDIS. It’s time to remind decision makers why it’s so important.

Since the government announced they would fully fund the NDIS in the federal budget, and then Labor disagreed, the NDIS has become a political football again.

In case you missed it, the government said they’d fully fund the NDIS through an increase in the Medicare levy, starting in 2019. Labor said they supported the increase but only for those on incomes higher than $87,000.

Next month, Every Australian Counts is leading a delegation to Canberra to remind everyone, and especially those on the cross bench in the Senate, why this is so important.

And we’d like to take a message from people with disability and their families and carers. Tell us why you need the NDIS to be fully funded.

Every day with the NDIS counts. Share your reason why

We’ll put all the responses into a video and hand deliver it to the decision makers we meet so they know why this is so important to so many people.

We’re aiming for at least 365 responses over the next week so we can show that every day of the year the NDIS will make a difference.

It’s easy to upload your reason and your photo through the tools on our site. Just click here to share your reason. Or, send your own short video with your reason and we’ll include that.

There’s not much time to make this happen – help us send a strong message and share your reason now.

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