News | 9 May 2018

South Australians with disability and their families demand action after delay announcement

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“People with disability in South Australia have been waiting for many years for the NDIS. The news that they will now have to wait even longer is devastating,” said Every Australian Counts Director, Kirsten Deane.

“People deserve to get the support they have been promised.

“We don’t accept that there has to be choice between meeting deadlines and providing a quality experience and good outcomes for people with disability. We think both should be possible.

“While we are pleased hear that the NDIA is dedicating all available resources to complete planning for people as soon as possible, it is too little too late. People with disability should not have to wait any longer.

“The difficulties in rolling out the scheme in South Australia would not have come as a surprise to the government or the NDIA.

“At the very least today’s announcement provides South Australians with some answers to ongoing questions about the significant delays. People deserve to have some certainty about when they may finally get support from the scheme.

“But this is a huge disappointment to South Australia’s disability community. We stand with people with disability, their families and carers, and demand that the government get on with rolling out the scheme as soon as possible. South Australians with disability are depending on it,” said Ms Deane.

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