News | 1 April 2016

Send the Treasurer a sign

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Help make the NDIS a budget priority

With the full roll out of the NDIS less than 100 days away, Every Australian Counts is asking supporters to let Treasurer Scott Morrison know they’re counting on him to include the NDIS in the 2016 Budget forward estimates.

We’ll be able to see the Government’s commitment to the NDIS is by examining what’s in the budget estimates.

The forward estimates are the part of the budget that looks three years ahead and sets aside funding for the things they know they need to account for.

The NDIS is going to increase rapidly from July this year so we need it to feature in the forward estimates to ensure it will be fully funded.

If there is no provision for the NDIS across all four years of the budget in the forward estimates, then the government cannot deliver the NDIS.

Snap a selfie and let the Treasurer know you’re counting on him

Right across Australia Every Australian Counts supporters are snapping selfies of themselves with our Treasurer: We’re Counting on You sign.

You can print out our sign or get creative and make your own. Just don’t forget to include the sign in the photo!

We’ll upload every sign on to our Every Australian Counts budget gallery, share them on social media and make sure Mr Morrison sees them all.

Everyone’s doing it!

Every Australian Counts Campaign Director, John Della Bosca says:

“Every Australian Counts supporters campaigned tirelessly to get the NDIS to this point. Let’s show our politicians we’re still here and we expect them to deliver on what they have promised.”

Here are some photos of Every Australian Counts supporters in action:

EAC supporter sign photos

You can join the action and add your picture to the gallery here.

It’s been a huge 12 months, with almost every state and territory now signed up to the full roll out of the NDIS.

We’re counting on the Treasurer to make it happen.

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