News | 10 March 2016

No disadvantage for West Australians with disability

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WA has been trialling its own ‘My Way’ model alongside an NDIS trial site since July 2014.

Every Australian Counts Campaign Director John Della Bosca said: “The NDIS is about better life outcomes for people with disability.”

To ensure no disadvantage the governments must confirm in their bilateral agreement:

  • The WA NDIS model has the same eligibility requirements as the NDIS
  • The WA NDIS model provides portability of funding so participants from around Australia can move between states freely without losing funding or needing to reapply
  • No choice or control is lost for people with disability
  • Information is shared about the success or shortcomings of both schemes so that people in either scheme do not miss out

John Della Bosca continued: “The West Australians who have fought tirelessly for this scheme must not now get second best.

“Any changes to the NDIS that people in Western Australia will have access to must be directly related to better life outcomes for people with disability. We should be prepared to learn from the two models being trialled in Western Australia and ensure that the NDIS reflects the lessons of both. West Australians with disability must be at no disadvantage.”

John Della Bosca concluded: “Many of our campaign supporters in WA have fought hard for one NDIS. People have been patient regarding delays in WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory. But their patience is running out and their confusion is growing. Our governments can talk all they like about supporting the scheme. But nothing speaks louder than actions and there are still three bilateral agreements that need to be signed urgently. This can be fixed.”

Every Australian Counts expects the bilateral agreement that will be signed by the West Australian and Commonwealth governments to guarantee no disadvantage for West Australians with disability.

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