News | 26 February 2015

NDIS: on budget

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The latest quarterly report from the National Disability Insurance Agency is out and it shows growing numbers of people are benefiting from the NDIS.

The NDIA quarterly report finds:

  • More than 11,000 Australians now have NDIS support plans in place
  • The cost of the average NDIS package is on budget at $35,300, which is slightly below the expected average cost
  • 95 per cent of participants are very satisfied with the scheme, rating it “good” or “very good”
  • The average time it takes between applying for the NDIS and starting the scheme is 100 days, which depends on individual circumstances and allows participants time to review options and select preferred service providers.

That’s 11,000 people that now have more choice, support and control over their lives. Check out what some of the Every Australian Counts supporters say about how their lives have been transformed by the NDIS.

The other great news in the report is that the packages are coming in below projected costs. That clearly blows out of the water any arguments about costs billowing out of control – this scheme is sustainable and is being delivered on budget.

Still, most people with disability, their families and carers are still waiting.

Let’s see it through.

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