News | 22 December 2014

Why the NDIS makes economic sense

Economic benefits of the NDIS

Once the NDIS is rolled out, estimates are that 24,000 – 38,000 more people with disability will be able to work. They will get the support they need to get them to a place of employment and provide any other support they need once they are there.

Getting these perfectly capable people into the workforce will result in an increase in GDP of a whopping $7-$11 billion.

Similarly, with better support through the NDIS 24,000 – 38,000 carers will be able to head out into the workforce. That’s another $11 billion addition to the GDP.

So far we have a total increase to GDP of up to $22 billion. That’s over half of the Australian budget deficit!

Of course, this huge new workforce will be adding to Australia’s tax revenue and less people will be dependent on income support.

That’s got to be win win win. Win for the person with disability contributing to society; win for the carer not having to live on benefits; and win for the whole of Australia getting the skills of people with disability and their carers plus a massive injection in GDP.

Source: NDS State of the Sector Report 2014

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