News | 17 December 2014

Molly and Jane: Play, bike riding and swimming – it’s all in the plan

Meet Molly

A few months ago Jane Paardekooper hadn’t even heard of the NDIS.

Now she marvels at the change in her young daughter Molly as she runs from activity to activity under the watchful eyes of skilled therapists.

It just looks like a game, but this kind of play helps 4 1/2 year-old Molly learn and improve her physical skills. In 2016 she will be ready to start school.

Watch 5 videos of Molly and Jane’s experiences in the NDIS Hunter Region trial sites.

Think outside the square

Molly has acquired cerebral palsy due to rare form of epilepsy and Jane says her NDIS planner helped her think outside the square.

“When you’re at home with a child with a disability you are very much just In the day to day and you get very used to your situation although sometimes it can be and is challenging, “ says Jane.

“Our planner was able to remind us of things outside the square, which could be very beneficial.

“Things like recreational therapy, recreational games, incidental play – like riding a bike, riding a scooter, activities that normal children do – and you don’t necessarily think you’re going to be able to do those things.”

Know your goals

Like everyone who’s been through the NDIS experience Jane stresses the importance of goals.

There’s so much evidence about how much early intervention works for a child like Molly, “ says Jane.

“The paediatric brain injury team had sat down with us, maybe six months before we went into the NDIS to talk about what our goals were,

“That was our first step of being able to see outside of the day to day life and some more positive goals that we could aim towards.

Jane also wanted Molly to learn how to swim.

“We just put our case forward that we really wanted Molly to feel and experience the joy of swimming unaided as we all love to do and they were happy to provide us with that.”

“Now that we are doing the swimming lessons, we see a huge improvement in her muscle tone and that just feels great.”

Jane says she’s found the NDIS to be very flexible, because often – even with the best of intentions – you don’t get it all right the first time.

“There’s been a few things which have needed to be added to the plan as we have gone along. And we have been told if there is anything we can think of that will support Molly then we’d like to be able to help out with that.”

Jump on board

Jane says one message from her experience with the NDIS is, “you have nothing to lose.”

“Jump on board, have a chat. The NDIS seems to be very flexible in working with your goals and what it is you want to achieve in your life.”

“All Australians deserve the same chances.

“Seeing the wonderful response and joy we have in Molly there’s a lot of other people out there who deserve to feel the same way.”

Watch 5 videos of Molly and Jane’s experiences in the NDIS Hunter Region trial sites.

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