News | 24 October 2016


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Lived Experience matters - action

Over the weekend thousands of people with disability and their supporters flooded social media to tell state and territory ministers that the make up of a new NDIA Board must include people with lived experience of disability and service provision. Join the social media action!

Speculation continues that a new board for the NDIA, the agency delivering the NDIS, will soon be announced. As of yet, there’s been no confirmation the new members will include people with a lived experience of disability or with service expertise. 

Click here to send a social media message to every state and territory disability minister to tell them this matters.

Delivering massive disability reform without its key stakeholders directly involved in the governance flies in the face of the whole philosophy of the NDIS.

Anything about us, must include us.

The NDIS agreements signed by states and territories and the Commonwealth allow disability ministers a say in who makes up the NDIA Board. The Board needs members with sound financial and corporate skills and it needs people who directly represent the disability community.

They need to hear that this representation is absolutely critical to getting the NDIS right.

Join thousands of others and click here to help flood social media with our call for lived experience on the NDIA Board so decision makers get the message loud and clear.

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