In The Media | 20 February 2017

Workplaces still see disability as barrier to employment, advocates say

Nick Schumi has been employed in youth work and the disability sector, but more recently has spent a year looking for a job

The 31-year-old Adelaide man has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility, but said potential workplaces were sometimes unable to cope.

“I just recently had an experience where I went to an interview with an organisation and I actually couldn’t get into the building itself to even have my interview,” he said.

“I had to ask the staff to assist me in getting my manual wheelchair up some steps.

“They were extremely happy with how I interviewed and saw my skillset but, unfortunately, that organisation was in the process of moving to a wheelchair-accessible facility.”

Mr Schumi did not land the job.

“I’ve had to go back onto the disability support pension [but] I am actually in a position where I look forward to paying taxes.”

Advocates said Australians with a disability were frequently locked out of the workforce as employers focused on impairments rather than skills and qualifications.

Source: ABC News