In The Media | 6 December 2016

Workforce Must Proactively Welcome People With Disability

Australia needs to be more proactive in welcoming people with disability to the workplace, according to new research.

The Disability Confidence Survey Report, which investigated the attitude and awareness of 500 small to medium-sized enterprises on welcoming customers and employees with disability, showed there had been a positive shift in attitude year on year but there was “still a long way to go”.

According to the report, which was released on Friday by the Australian Network on Disability,

Australian businesses have a passive approach to making changes.

AND chief executive Suzanne Colbert told Pro Bono Australia News it was clear that positive attitude did not lead to positive action.

“I think we’re positive in attitude but perhaps not proactive in attitude and therein lies the challenge,” Colbert said.

“Australian businesses can do much more to improve the experience of people with disability who are attempting to access jobs, products and services.

Source: Pro Bono Australia