In The Media | 24 April 2015

The disability housing crisis that could leave 120,000 people without a home


MORE than 120,000 people with a disability are facing homelessness in the next five years even though there is $700 million a year available to build them homes.

The Federal Government has set aside funding, but state governments are still squabbling about how to spend it.

As their ageing parents pass away and as they become adults and want to leave the family home it’s estimated over 122,000 people with a disability will need housing in the next five years.

There are already over 220,000 people waiting for public housing nationwide, not all are disabled.

A disability services ministers meeting on Friday will come under pressure from the disability sector to make decisions about building the types of homes people with a disability want.

More than 650 people with a disability have told their story about the need for appropriate housing and will bombard ministers with emails and campaign literature on Friday.