In The Media | 2 February 2017

Study into the Effect of the NDIS on Carers

The wellbeing of carers caring for an individual participating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may not have improved compared to those not on the scheme, according to researchers who are embarking on stage three of a national investigation.

Researchers PhD student Matthew Snow and psychology lecturer Dr James Donnelly from Southern Cross University in NSW are calling for carers to take part in an extended survey to examine their wellbeing before, during and after the NDIS.

Snow told Pro Bono News that the third stage of the survey was looking for anyone who was a carer in Australia regardless of the person’s disability or whether they were in the NDIS or not.

“We are attempting to monitor the personal well being and the quality of life of carers across Australia both before and after the NDIS,” Snow said.

Source: Pro Bono Australia