In The Media | 3 August 2016

Podcast: The New NDIS Players

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is worth $22 billion a year and it’s estimated it will create a $16 billion contestable market, providing a huge business opportunity for new service providers.

The National Disability Insurance Agency told Pro Bono Australia News in the months before the 1 July rollout, the number of registered providers grew by more than 1,000, bringing the total number to more than 3,500.

There are rumours that large corporations like Bupa and Serco are circling the wagons, experts have said there is an influx of sole traders leaving the Not for Profits they work for and the scheme is touted as a golden opportunity for innovative, social start-ups.

But how much is known about the new providers? Are they driven by profit or purpose? What regulations are in place? And how well will the NDIS market give people with disability choice and control?

In the final episode of the three-part series, Not for Podcast investigates The New NDIS Players.

Source: Pro Bono Australia