In The Media | 30 August 2016

Phone app connects people with disabilities to carers based on shared interests

People with a disability are gaining greater control over their care thanks to a new phone app and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Under the NDIS hundreds of thousands of Australians living with a disability will be allocated a budget to manage and choose what support they want to receive.

Enter the Hireup app, which uses social networking technology to match people with carers based on their shared interests and personality, rather than just needs.

Andrew Rotondo, 19, was born with cerebral palsy and has always struggled to find carers who suit his personality and share his interests, including singing.

“I didn’t get to get out much. I didn’t get to go out at all,” he told 7.30.

That changed when he was connected to Sarah Peddie-McGuirk through the Hireup app.

“We share an interest for performing arts, so I love music, I love dancing and Andrew obviously loves music, he loves performing and I think that’s probably what drew us together,” she said.

Source: ABC News