In The Media | 29 March 2017

NDIS housing rules for people with a disability could be life-changing

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules were tabled in federal parliament in mid-March. The new rules offer the possibility of an inclusive Australian society that enables those people with the highest disability-related support needs to have equal access to mainstream services including housing.

The rules and explanatory statement detail the National Disability Insurance Agency’s proposed approach to specialist accommodation. The aim is to offer effective and efficient support for the 6% of NDIS participants identified with the most complex needs.

An estimated additional 127,000 NDIS participants will have an unmet need for affordable housing. This is seen as the responsibility of the mainstream housing system.

NDIS participants who are deemed eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation now have an opportunity to look beyond traditional disability accommodation.

Source: The Conversation