In The Media | 10 August 2017

NDIS Fails to Provide ‘Decent’ Disability Jobs – Union Report

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A new report commissioned by the unions representing Australia’s community sector workers has raised concerns about the ability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide “decent jobs for disability support workers”.

The report, Reasonable, Necessary and Valued, released by a University of New South Wales-led research team, found that the NDIS pricing system did not cover the full costs of disability support and would fail to provide high quality services.

Key findings of the report on NDIS pricing arrangements included:

  • disability support workers not allocated enough work time required to provide personalised, coordinated, responsive and safe services to people with disability;
  • the legal employment entitlements of disability support workers can’t be met;
  • casualisation was contributing to financial insecurity for workers;
  • pricing didn’t include training or further skills development of the disability support workforce;
  • disability support workers were accessing training in unpaid time;
  • unpredictable shifts leading to poor work-life balance;
  • physical injuries, exhaustion, stress and other negative psychological impacts from the combination of working conditions and work intensity.

Source: Pro Bono Australia