In The Media | 4 February 2015

My Kitchen Rules: Does reality TV do a better job of depicting people with disability?

Like most reality TV addicts of Australia, I’ll be tuning in to the new season of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ tonight – for the cooking, the snark, and perhaps most of all for Emilie — a Queensland contestant with a disability.

Emilie has been deaf since birth. She says she has no hearing in her left ear and wears a hearing aid in her right. She is candid about her deafness on the show’s preview, laughing at the way punters talk to her and the way some people bizarrely dumb down their language.

On her disability, her sister Sheri jokes that her only concern is that Emilie’s critique of other contestant’s food won’t be anything near discreet:

On the show, when they’re whispering to each other, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that because Emilie’s going to be like, (shouts) ‘It tastes like s–t Sheri.'”


Source: Daily Life