In The Media | 22 June 2016

The ‘jobs of the future’ nobody is talking about

Australia is at risk of missing the next great economic boom if we don’t act quickly.

If Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten agree on anything, it’s that “jobs of the future” seems like a pretty good thing to keep banging on about.
The phrase reeks of positivity and opportunity. Innovative. Agile. But it also seems to have become shorthand for only a narrow range of professions, like jobs in renewable energy or commercial space travel.

It’s true these jobs will be important to Australia’s future, especially as we shift from a manufacturing and export economy to a service economy (okay, maybe not the space travel) but the bigger story is being missed.

It may not sound very sexy (yet) but Australia’s “jobs of the future” will actually reside in the social service sector, which includes disability support, community assistance and aged care.

The sector is set for massive growth over the next five years, with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, an ageing population and broader trends towards consumer empowerment and the marketisation of social support

Source: The New Daily