In The Media | 1 April 2016

Giving the NDIS Clickability

Two social workers concerned about the lack of information on NDIS services, and their quality, have created an online directory of ratings and reviews.

Jenna Moffat and Aviva Beecher Kelk were working as case managers in disability and mental health when they noticed a lack of transparent information about support options available to their clients.

When the National Disability Insurance Scheme was announced, Moffat and Beecher Kelk saw an even greater need for participants to have the information necessary to make informed choices about their support.

“We saw that kind of information was going to be really crucial in realising the values that are underpinning the NDIS – of choice and control,” Moffat said.

“Without that type of information economy people really wouldn’t have informed choice, and wouldn’t be able to autonomously search for services and have information about what’s available.

Source: Pro Bono Australia