In The Media | 26 September 2016

Getting the NDIS Over the Line

The NDIS presents huge opportunities but also poses huge risks. Penny Knight and Professor David Gilchrist, from Curtin’s Not-for-profit Initiative, explain why there is a stronger chance for success if key players work together.

The NDIS represents a great opportunity for Australians living with disability. It also represents great risk to those same people.

When policy makers, industry leaders and commentators discuss the NDIS, along with aspirational ideas such as choice and control, they invariably talk about costs, prices, scaling, and rollout. These are incredibly important elements of the scheme and are essential to its success. If we don’t get them right, the people who the scheme is meant to help will suffer.

For a scheme of this size and complexity though, the only way to get these things right is for all of the parts of the system to work together.

Source: Pro Bono Australia