In The Media | 13 July 2016

Former Disability Commissioner Launches Memoir

Former Human Rights Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes has used the launch of his memoir, called Finding A Way, to push for more jobs for people with disability and electronic voting.

After a long career in the public spotlight – from lawyer to company director to Human Rights Commissioner – Innes’s book looks at family support, his challenges and failures, and overcoming the discrimination he said people with disabilities face.

Innes told ABC TV at the launch of the book that the start of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offered big change for the disability sector.

“It’s a huge change and there will be glitches. What I keep going back to is the voice of people with disabilities and the NDIS has 95 per cent support from the surveys that are being done of the clients of the NDIS,” Innes said.

“It will absolutely be sustainable. The question is whether it will receive continued funding and I think it will. Both sides of government have said that they support it. It is completely on time and on budget.

“The exciting thing about the NDIS is that it means huge economic change for Australia. If we can move a third of people with disability off welfare and into jobs, and the NDIS will contribute to that, the NDIS will actually run at a profit in a decade.”

Source: Pro Bono Australia