In The Media | 20 February 2017

Feds Hold Key to NDIS Report as Issue Becomes Hot Topic for WA Election

There has been disquiet and in some cases outrage within the disability community that the report by Stantons International was not released prior to the state signing a bilateral agreement with the Commonwealth for a WA National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The agreement was signed just hours before the Western Australian government entered caretaker mode ahead of the state election.

WA Disability Services Minister Donna Faragher told about 50 people at a Liberal party NDIS forum on Wednesday she had no objection to the release of what she called a comprehensive evaluation that had contributed to state government’s decision making.

The report directly compared 300 plans in each model, included interviews with scheme participants and some workshops.

“I’m very happy for the report to be released, however it’s a joint report so I can’t just release it on my own,” Faragher said.

“The report says the WA NDIS is the closest fit for the effective delivery of an NDIS in this state with the least number of modifications.

“I have spoken to the federal minister and he was seeking some advice, and I would like to think the report can be released soon.”

The West Australian election on 11 March is shaping up as one of the most critical polls the state has ever seen for people with disability.

Source: Pro Bono Australia