In The Media | 18 March 2015

Disability advocate Sue Salthouse named 2015 Canberra Citizen of the Year

Disability advocate Sue Salthouse hopes her Canberra Citizen of the Year award will keep a spotlight on the challenges facing people with a disability in the ACT.

Ms Salthouse, whose advocacy has included leading roles with Women with Disabilities ACT and Australia and the ACT Disability Expert Panel, was “astonished” to receive the 39th honour on Thursday alongside a swath of Canberra Gold Award recipients.

“I hope it’s an award that gives me an opportunity to go to places where I can talk about the things that I’m passionate about, that this city is trying to get right; issues about disability and people with disabilities having an opportunity to really participate in the community and to be recognised as just part of the fabric of our society rather than segregated in any way,” Ms Salthouse said.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald