In The Media | 6 October 2016

Couples with Down syndrome don’t need to be sterilised, they need support

One good thing about moving out of home at 20 was ending the excruciatingly awkward parental interactions about sex, and boyfriend-sleepovers, and having to hear my parents’ views on the above (firmly against).

Luckily for me, though, one thing they never did was go on national television to speculate about how to have me sterilised.

That’s the position two young people found themselves in on Monday night, when Australian Story aired ‘Tough Love’. It was the story of two world-class swimmers, Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton, who met and fell in love while competing.

They both live at home, but want to have sleepovers. They want to move in together. They want to start a family together. All perfectly normal aspirations for people in their 20s.

Their parents don’t share their excitement.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald