In The Media | 23 August 2016

Canberra admits responsibility for NDIS computer problems | poll

About 100 NDIS service providers had crowded into an upstairs meeting room at the NDIS office in Auckland Street, Newcastle, to hear from the agency’s chief executive, David Bowen.

But one of the organisation’s two general managers of operations, Vicki Rundle, told the aggrieved audience Mr Bowen had been called on urgent business to Canberra and that she was deputising in his place.

Ms Rundle repeatedly told the meeting that the agency apologised for the problems it had created for service providers, and was sorry about the way things had turned out.

She said it had been “a very painful seven or eight weeks” but said the computer system been expanded to go from 30,000 NDIS clients to more than 460,000 in the coming three years.

She said the computer portal had to connect four separate computer systems and when “we rectified one issue it had an impact in an area we hadn’t anticipated”.

Source: The Newcastle Herald