In The Media | 2 April 2015

Assistant Minister Mitch Fifield radio interview on Radio National

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KARVELAS: Let’s go to the NDIS now, which is really firmly in your patch – you’re in charge of that Scheme. 

FIFIELD: It’s me.

KARVELAS: It’s you. You are the NDIS – the walking NDIS. Where’s the housing paper on housing support? I believe the Agency was meant to release it fifteen months ago, and there’s been nothing.

FIFIELD: There’s been work going internally on in relation to what the role of the NDIS should be for housing and accommodation. As you know, historically, responsibility for housing and accommodation, including for people with disabilities, has been a state and territory issue. That will continue to be the case. I’m not going to see the NDIS become, if you like, a ninth public housing authority. The NDIS is not going to be the builder, or the owner, of accommodation. But where I think there is a strategic role for the NDIS is to look to partner with other organisations who may have a housing proposition, who may have some land, who may have some capital, but the maths don’t quite add up. I think there’s a role there for the NDIS. Also, for the Agency to trial some innovative housing models. But the states’ ongoing and historic responsibility for public housing and social housing will continue. What I’m determined to make sure is that we don’t create a situation where we allow the states to abrogate what should be for them ongoing responsibilities. Now you mentioned …

Source: ABC National Radio