News | 17 June 2016

Friday Flashback: The rallies that made the NDIS real

2012 NDIS rally in Sydney

In rallies from Geelong to Caboolture, Every Australian Counts supporters took to the streets in a groundswell of support for the proposed NDIS.

2012 NDIS rally

Mothers, grandfathers, children, politicians, musicians, journalists – people from all walks of life came together in one of the biggest grassroots campaigns Australia has ever seen.

Almost 10,000 people attended the Sydney Make it Real rally, with huge numbers in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart.

2012 NDIS rally in Brisbane

And they made our decision makers sit up and take notice with public NDIS commitments from the then leaders of our two major parties.

There’s now just two weeks until the NDIS rolls out in many areas of Australia.

It is only the start of the roll out, but it shows how far our campaign has come. It couldn’t have happened without the support of the hundreds of thousands of Australians with disability and their supporters who never gave up.

There’s just one word for that. Thankyou.

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