News | 25 March 2024

Every Australian Counts: Upcoming Forum and Invitation to Influence our Next Steps

A red graphic with white text that reads "EAC Forum: Your Verdict on the NDIS Review and Next Steps. 8 April 12pm AEST. Registration Essential." There is a picture of a woman with a disability in a yellow jumper on a tablet. On the top right of the graphic is the Every Australian Counts logo

In the spirit of collective action and shared vision, Every Australian Counts is extending an invitation to an important online forum scheduled for the 8th of April at 12:00 PM AEST. This meeting marks a significant step in our ongoing journey to advocate for and defend the the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), informed directly by your feedback and the insights gathered through our recent survey.


A Glimpse into the Survey and Its Significance


Our recent survey aimed to capture the voices of the NDIS community—individuals with disabilities, their families, carers, and friends—regarding the proposed changes in the NDIS Review. The feedback focused on critical areas such as housing and living supports, the implementation of mandatory provider registration, the introduction of two types of Foundational Supports, Navigators, and significant amendments to eligibility and access, early intervention, planning, and psychosocial disability supports.


Why Your Participation Matters


The upcoming Zoom meeting is not just an opportunity to be updated on the survey results but a forum to actively participate in shaping the future directions of our advocacy efforts. It is your chance to:


Hear firsthand about the community’s feedback on crucial aspects of the NDIS.

Engage in discussions that help set the priorities for our advocacy, ensuring it aligns with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Collaboratively influence the next steps for Every Australian Counts, focusing on developing a campaign that addresses the most pressing issues identified through the survey.


Meeting Agenda


The meeting will feature an overview of the survey results, covering key areas such as housing supports, mandatory provider registration, foundational supports, navigators, eligibility changes, early intervention, planning, and psychosocial disability supports. Following the presentation, there will be an open forum for discussion on the survey results, enabling you to contribute to the decision-making process on the future directions of Every Australian Counts.

 Together, we can ensure that the future of the NDIS is shaped by those it seeks to support. Join us to make a difference.


Registration is essential. 


You can register, and get more information here


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