News | 26 January 2016

Top five for five incredible years

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Today, as we mark five incredible years since the launch of the Every Australian Counts campaign, we ask supporters to remind Australians why the NDIS is still so important for people with disability, and the nation.

There are many reasons why the NDIS is a must-have reform for our country – not least because, in the words of the Productivity Commission, the current system is “unfair, underfunded, fragmented and inefficient.”

Let’s remind all Australians why the NDIS is so important and fill Facebook feeds this Australia Day!

We’ve come up with the top five ways the NDIS will transform lives in 2016 and beyond. Click one, two or all of the images below to share the ones you like on your own Facebook page.

And watch the video above as Every Australian Counts campaigners John Della Bosca and Andrew Gibson reflect on just how far we’ve come and thank all Every Australian Counts supporters for their great work to get us here.

NDIS: Giving people with disability voice and control

NDIS: Allowing us to determine our own future

NDIS: Reducing the huge pressure on families

NDIS: Growing Australia's workforce

NDIS: Making a better Australia


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Hi, John Della Bosca here. Happy Australia Day!

It’s incredible to think it’s been five years since we launched the Every Australian Counts campaign – five years since we started the fight for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We knew it was needed to transform the lives of people with disability so they could live their lives to the full.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come and I thank you all for your tireless efforts in helping shape Australia’s future.

Five years ago the NDIS was only a dream. Since that day we’ve fought for the NDIS to be supported, legislated, funded and delivered.

Together we won the hearts and minds of our decision makers and the Australian community – through DisabiliTEAs, rallies, MP messages and lots of hard work.

Already more than 20,000 people across Australia have the NDIS and it’s changing their lives for the better. And in just under six months the full roll out begins.

This year we will keep working to make the NDIS the best it can be, for all Australians. Together we will see it through.

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