Sarah’s tip the balance story

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Any reviews that participants apply for should be made in consultation with participants. the reviewer at the NDIA should not just be making a decision on their own and expect participants to agree with that decision. Anything that includes participants the reviewer, NDIA planner and others at the NDIA must include participants at all times in all decision making processes from the beginning and seek the participants views and opinions before making a decision. If participants are due for their scheduled plan reviews the person who is going to approve the plan must first consult and liaise with participants before approving the plan if the participants give their approval and say they are happy with the plan and I approve the plan then the person approving the plan can go ahead and approve the plan as they have received authority from participant and the participant has given their approval. If participants do not give their approval the person approving the plans should not go ahead with approving the plan until the planner or person has received authority from participants and the participants have given their approval for the person approving the plan to go ahead.