News | 3 June 2016

Friday Flashback – Claire’s story

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Claire Friday Flashback

It’s only four weeks until the start of the full NDIS roll out! We’re continuing our flashbacks by re-meeting Claire Anderson. Local councilor, author, life coach and mother, Claire was one of our early Every Australian Counts supporters campaigning to make the NDIS a reality for so many Australians.

Claire has FSH Muscular Dystrophy, and when she shared her story had been using a wheelchair for ten years.

With her condition deteriorating, her movement became more limited and she found herself unable to lift her arm to put the key in the lock of her front door.

In Claire’s words:

“If we had the NDIS, as a family we would have been able to plan, to put these supports in place before we get to a time where I can’t get out of bed any more, and my nine year old is trying to help me up and we’re in a crisis.”

Here’s Claire’s story.

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