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Who made this website?

Big crowd of people with disability at an Every Australian Counts rally in Melbourne in 2012

We are Every Australian Counts.

Every Australian Counts is the group that fought for the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

People call it the NDIS for short.

Every Australian Counts is a big group of

  • people with disability
  • families
  • and people who work in disability


The Minister is making changes to the NDIS

Minister Stuart Robert next to an NDIS sign

The Minister for the NDIS is Stuart Robert.

He is in charge of the NDIS.

The Minister plans to make changes to the NDIS next year.

Lots of people are worried about the changes.

People with disability and families have lots of questions about the changes.

We want the Minister to answer our questions.

We want everyone to send the questions to the Minister in an email.

We want him to tell everyone what the answers are.


Independent Assessments


The NDIS is making plans to start something called independent assessments.

Independent assessments are like a test.

  • There are lots of questions
  • They try to measure what effect your disability has on your life
  • They try to measure what you can do

Medical workers like psychologists or speech therapists will do these assessments.

You might have already done an assessment like this before with a therapist or a doctor.

This time the test will not be done by someone you know.

It will be done by someone the NDIS chooses.


People are worried

Group of people with disability asking questions

Lots of people with disability and their families are worried about assessments.

They do not understand

  • why they are being introduced
  • how it will affect them
  • how it will affect their NDIS plan and funds

The NDIS has not told people much about assessments.

We think that is not fair.

We think the Minister should talk to people with disability and their families before making big changes to the NDIS.


You can help

Man with Down syndrome using a laptop

Send the Minister an email.

His email address is at the end of this document.

There are 5 questions for him in the email.

We want the Minister to tell everyone what the answers are.


Questions for the Minister

A man asking questions

1. Why are you introducing independent assessments?

2. Did you talk to people with disability and their families about this first?

3. Will you stop these changes? And talk to people with disability and their families first?

4. Can you promise these changes won’t leave people without the support they need?

5. Are you introducing these changes just to try and save money?


Email the Minister

Email in laptop

You can use the form on this page to email the Minister.

Or you can send your own email to the Minister. His email address is

You can include us in the email too. Our email address is

PDF iconDownload this Easy read guide as a PDF

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Email the NDIS Minister

Email the NDIS Minister and let him know we want answers - Easy version

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News 23 November 2020

New Coronavirus rules for Victoria

Victoria has the highest numbers of COVID19 infections in Australia. We are collecting all the latest news, info and resources for people with disability and families as it comes out so you don’t have to go hunting. (We have done our best to try and explain what it all means which has NOT been easy…)

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Opinion 5 November 2020

Choice and control, advocacy and relationships – keys to addressing abuse and neglect

This year we learned of the horrific and tragic death of Ann Marie Smith. Her death prompted a police investigation (which is still ongoing), the creation of a taskforce in South Australia and a review into the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission by the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS.

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