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Your Stories

Here you can read the unique stories from around Australian about why the NDIS matters - and add your support to stories you think our Federal MPs should be hearing.

Debra Wright’s Story

Feb 23 No Comments

My 23 year old son has Aspergers Syndrome. The up side of this condition is […]

Leah Davies’ Story

Feb 23 No Comments

Nathan developed Infantile Spasms at age 3 months and despite early medical intervention had a […]

Ondine’s Story

Feb 23 No Comments

I have identical twin boys. They are five years old, have a rare genetic condition, […]

Tara Powell’s Story

Feb 23 No Comments

I was diagnosed with a chronic condition in my mide twenties, which was described by […]

Kirsti Maltby’s Story

Feb 23 No Comments

Our daughter Livia was born full term with no obvious issues. For 10 weeks we […]

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IT’s Time to act

make it real

Tell your story here and show our MPs that it’s crunch time: tell them to make the NDIS real in 2012.

your stories